Top 3 Mistakes You Could be Making on Your Website

Updated: Jun 3

1. Not Talking to Favorite Customer

Why You Should Pick a Favorite Customer

  1. You'll attract other customers who are like your favorite customers

  2. You'll know the exact language, formality, and content to share. It cuts out the confusion and fear of writing when you can picture the face of just one customer that you're talking to. You'll find yourself becoming more personable and genuine in your writing.

How to Clearly State What you Do

  • You should be able to explain what you do in 3 ways:

  1. To a toddler - > One sentence

  2. This goes "above the scroll" of your website. It should be short and snappy so everyone knows what you do, and who you do it for.

  3. To a man in an elevator -> One paragraph

  4. This is further down on your page and can include a description of the problem the customer is facing, and how they will feel after using your solution.

  5. To a possible investor - > 3 paragraphs

  6. Here's an opportunity to get really detailed, and include your background and why you, specifically, should be hired.

2. Not Having a Clear Call to Action on Every Page

What is a Call to Action?

  • A specific action you want your site visitors to take, like:

  • Calling

  • Subscribing

  • Buying something

Why do I need a Call To Action?

  • People are moving fast on websites. If you make it easy for them to know the next steps, they'll tend to do it.

How to Create a Call to Action on Wix?

  • For a button, click add button an link to the desired page

  • For a phone call, type in your phone number, highlight the text, and enter a link to call. (Mobile users will find this helpful!)

  • For an email, enter your email, highlight it, and create link so they can instantly email you.

  • My favorite is an actual form with First Name, Email, and Message. You can make a phone number field optional.

3. Having Too Much or Not Enough Content

How much content should I have on my website?

  • From an SEO (get found on Google) perspective, at least 300 words is ideal. 800 puts you in even better standing. Keep in mind the content should be meaningful. Consider it like a great appetizer, small enough to get your attention, but long enough to want dinner.

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