5 Things You Need in your Website Footer

Updated: Jun 3

1. Mission Statement

2. Contact or Subscription

3. Location, Email, Phone

4. Secondary links like Terms, Privacy, Disclaimers, etc

5. Social Media optional (include handle if you want a balance)

1. Why You Need a Mission Statement in Your Footer

I've talked about stating what you do clearly on your website. Putting it in your footer will be easy for Google to tell who you are because it's on every page of your website. It helps your website rank on Google.

2. Why You Need a Contact or Subscription in Your Footer

I've talked about not having a Click Through Action as being a huge mistake on your website. One way to make sure someone can always contact you is to put a contact form in your footer. To use less space, reduce the fields to email address and message.

3. Why You Need a Location, Email, Phone in Your Footer

It makes your website visitors and Google happy- simple as that. You seem more trustworthy when visitors and Google know where you're located and how to contact you. Extra points if you hyperlink your email and phone to sending a message and calling you. Mobile users will appreciate the ease of use and Google likes it too.

4. Why You Need a Secondary links like Terms, Privacy, Disclaimers, etc in Your Footer

On your website, you are likely collecting personal information from your customers like their names, email address and payment details. If you have Google Analytics (which you should) you are also collecting their IP address and session activity. Having a privacy policy will protect you as the website owner and your visitors by making sure you are compliant with legal obligations.

5. Social Media links are optional in your Footer

Your website is where you get the most out of your visitors, where you can collect their email and sell them your products and services. The last thing you want to do is have big photos and links away from the website you worked so hard to get them to. THat's why I recommend having the links in your footer (not header, or in the body of your webpage) so if someone does want to leave they can find your social, but you're not distracting them either.

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