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Brand Superpower

About The Entertainer

Your superpower is engaging with other people! Your magnetic personality is going to come in handy for ranking your website on Google and increasing your brand awareness.

Things to Consider to
Increase Your Brand Value

With your personality, you may find it easy to start a YouTube channel or Podcast. You should:

  1. Research topics that are trending

  2. Determine how frequently you'll post

  3. Create a corresponding blog post on your website

  4. Create an image (or use the same image) to be on the blog post so the post can be easily shared on social media

  5. Connect with others in your industry and be a guest speaker

How it Helps You Get Found on Google

  1. Whatever you decide, when you post your content be sure to use keywords so your audience can find you. Always link back to your main website- these are called "backlinks" and the more you have- the better!

  2. When you appear as a guest, have the host link back to your website as well so that you get even more backlinks!

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