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Your superpower is boundless ideas and content creation. Since you are an expert in your field and can help others by sharing what you know.

Things to Consider to
Increase Your Brand Value

You are an expert in your field and you should be sharing that knowledge with others! You should:

  1. Look at old emails, messages on social media, comments in Facebook groups and determine common questions your audience asks

  2. Answer those questions in the form of a blog post- all you need is 300 words!

  3. Link to articles in your industry that will add value to your audience

  4. Send an email newsletter to your audience; determine your own frequency- but monthly is a great place to start!

How it Helps You Get Found on Google

  1. Determine your keywords so your audience can find your posts.

  2. Recommend and share your posts wherever you can- on LinkedIn, Facebook groups (check the group rules), and on your personal accounts.

  3. Connect with your peers who may link to your content- these are called "backlinks" and the more you have- the better!

  4. Google likes when your site is updated with fresh, meaningful content. The more you update, the better off.

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